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About Location Filter
The Monsterpin Location Filter allows you to filter the site's content according to the location of the person who submitted it

Filtering Content:
You will see content added by "Mr Red Stickman" (1) if your location filter is set to either "School A", "City A", or "Province A".

Changing Location Filter:
There are three ways to change the Location Filter:
  1. Custom: Choose any "Province", "City", "School" combination.
  2. Logged-in: Choose from "Your Province", "Your City", or "Your School"
  3. Logged-out: Choose from any city in the community
Adding Content:
Each time you add content (s.a. a discussion thread, a classified listing, your Flirt profile, a Monsterpin club, etc) to the Monsterpin community, we associate it with your school (as stated by you during registration).
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