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Win at Arm Wrestling

By:  aspaan   (University of Metropolis) , 31 Dec 69

An article from Maxim by By David Cosgrove

With these tips from World Arm Wrestling Champion John Brzenk, you?ll put down the biggest one-armed bandits with ease. It?s the second-most fun you can have with one arm!

1. Conditioning
No, arm wrestling isn?t all about brawn, but there?s a reason Don Knotts wasn?t cast in Over the Top. If you?re gonna wax the Goliaths of this sport, you gotta strengthen your sling. For offensive force, the important areas to build up are the shoulders and upper back; work on your pecs and biceps for a strong defense. According to Gold?s Gym trainer Ken Croes, these areas can be pumped up with exercises like dumbbell rows (kneeling on a bench and raising and lowering a dumbbell between the floor and your shoulder), shoulder presses, and, of course, rending phone books in twain.

2. Basic Technique
Now that you?re as strong as 10 men, it?s time to learn technique?provided you can fit your pythons through the door. When the match starts, Brzenk says to ?push with the weight of your shoulder, chest, and back?not your biceps?to force your opponent down.? Lean into him with your torso and use your body weight in addition to your strength. The biceps, although flashy, are for defense only; don?t use ?em unless you have to. Eventually, you?ll learn to involve the right muscles, and, of course, perfect your ornithologically inspired victory dance.

3. The Top Roll
Fundamentals will win most matches, but if you face a guy with only one vowel in his name, like Brzenk (a dead giveaway he?s tough), this tricky tactic should see you through. The top roll takes advantage of the weakest part of your opponent?s hand: the fingers. Instead of pushing against his palm, focus your force up against his fingers with the meaty part of your thumb. As his hand starts to bend, twist your wrist to roll the focal point of your attack over the tops of his fingers. This will cause his limp wrist to buckle and, in many countries, entitle you to his land and beasts.

4. The Hook and Drag
This move works well against bigger opponents, letting you use leverage to level the playing field. At the starting gun, ?hook? your wrist around his so your palm winds up facing you and ?drag? his arm toward your crotch (if there?s no table, do not use the hook and drag). ?This lets you use your chest, shoulder, and back against just his biceps,? Brzenk says, and three muscles are better than one. After slamming his arm into the table and unleashing a victory roar, the adrenaline from the pin should let you split the table with your head, no problem.

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