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Guess Who's Coming on December 25!

By:  papereditor   (University of Metropolis) , 31 Dec 69

Fascination for the historical Jesus...and the Gospel of John...has never been greater!

Over the next few months, Jesus will become, once again, the centre of a controversy or two. With Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion," and Drabinsky's new, literal version of the Gospel of John, tensions are rising amongst both Christian and Jewish communities. Inevitably, something will have to give, and, unfortunately, what will first fall victim in this battle of ideology will be the truth.
For twenty centuries Jesus has been labelled, exploited, manipulated, and used as an excuse for all manner of political and so-called 'religious' power struggles. Isn't it time the man was allowed just a moment to reveal himself - as he tried to, before everything went 'pearshaped'?
On December 25, 2003, EcceNova Editions will be publishing a controversial new interpretation of the Fourth (John's) Gospel, which reveals a very different Jesus to the one tradition has maintained.
Neither Jew nor Christian have the central position in this new perspective, yet the author, Janet Tyson, a biblical scholar and Fellow of UBC, has managed to uncover the most Semitic, most feasible and original explanation for this man's mission and subsequent 'fame'.
Gibson's and Drabinsky's films may seem controversial, but "Our Man in Judea: Jesus" will have them pale in comparison.
Not only is Jesus said to be a Samaritan, he is middle-aged, married to Martha, and a self-appointed high priest. Lazarus does not die, there are no "miracles," and Mary Magdalene is the key figure in Jesus' plan.
The book is based on seven years of intense academic research, but is written for a general audience.
It's time to spread the "good news" - the news Jesus really intended.

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