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Monsterpin Classifieds

Monsterpin Classifieds

Classified Categories
General Classifieds
General Classifieds contains any kind of classified that hasn't been further specified below. Categories include: hardware/software, sports equipment, vehicles, ride board, job board, and many more. Click here to view and add listings.
Rental Housing Listings
Monsterpin has formed an aliance with the student housing specialist MyIdealHome.com, which allows Monsterpin members to view and post housing listings for FOR FREE to their extensive network. Click here to view listings, or post your own apartment or room for rent.
Textbook Listings
8 Books
Dont wanna get ripped off any more at the book store .... buy and sell your textbooks from and to fellow students! Browse textbooks for sale, or add your textbook to listing (browse to appropriate faculty and click "new listing").
Tutor Listings
3 Tutors
Find tutors or offer your tutoring services. Browse tutor listings, or add yourself to the tutor listing (browse to appropriate faculty and click "new listing").
Most Recent Classifieds
in All Schools, All Cities,
  Title Description Price
 nothing really (University of Metropolis)A beautiful animal, loves.....$ 456
mystery item (University of Metropolis)what do you think it is?$ 100000
 Filing cabinet (University of Metropolis)4 drawers, lockable, 4&#0.....$ 100
Nitelife 6 (University of Metropolis)Best garage house compila.....$ 15
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