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Contact Us

General Inquiries
P: (250) 472 4320
F: (250) 721 6497
E: hq@monsterpin.com

Technical Questions
P: (250) 472 4326
E: support@monsterpin.com

Mailing Address
Monsterpin Information Exchange
PO Box 3075, STN CSC
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8W 3W2

Courier Address
Monsterpin Information Exchange
University of Victoria
R-Hut McKenzie Avenue   (see map)
Victoria, BC, Canada
V8W 3W2

The Team
Dietrich Wedegaernter     Owner and business guy
Dietrich had the idea to start a student online community in 1999. He teamed up with Kevin to put his dream into reality in the summer of 2002. Since then Monsterpin has been his one and only baby.
Kevin Vogt     Partner and uber-techy
Kevin is one of the founders of Monsterpin. He coded the entire initial community from scratch and enjoys a good like status under his followers who depend on him for devine wisdom.
Aspaan Kamboj     Chief Techy
Aspaan joined the Monsterpin crew as a coop in May 2003. He designed the latest Monsterpin interface and has contributed some new key features to the site. Being the current chief techy he is the one to blame for bugs and errors. Gurbir Sidhu has been helped Aspaan complete the directories section
Jon Taylor     Freelancing back-end specialist
Jon joined the Monsterpin crew as a freelancing consultant in June 2003. He is responsible for the really complex and important stuff that nobody else understands.
Kent Gaskill     Graphix Hero
Kent designed the Monsterpin logo and the Monsterpin posters and regularly tells us that we need to make this site make look sharper. Let's see what he thinks by September.
Graeme Sykes     Marketeer
When Graeme graduates from UVic business in 2003 he will be become responsible for marketing the Monsterpin to the Vancouver student market. He might not be fully convinced yet, but won't be able to escape his destiny.
Thanx to: Feng Chen. Charlie Yang and Frank Wang. Karsten Schmidt. Brendan Eamer. The IDC Team. IRAP. Mike Geddes. Tanya Lloyd. Chandra. Friends and families.
The MonsterVision

We imagine one people that freely communicate with each other. We imagine individuals that are ready to defend their opinion, while being open to change. We imagine a community that adheres to a fundamental law, while being flexible to adjust its policies.

Monsterpin came to your campus, because we know many of you share our vision. We believe that you are strong enough to speak out what is in your heart and on your mind. We believe that you are tolerant enough to listen and debate. We believe that you can do anything you are capable of imagining.

We give Monsterpin to you, so you can Break the Barriers to Information within and beyond your campus community. Reality is what you see. Tomorrow’s future is shaped by today’s thoughts. What do you think? What is your dream? What do you want the future to be?

Monsterpin is the place to be
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