Business 2 Students


Promotional Vehicles

[a] Business Listing

After registering with Monsterpin's Campus Campaign Manager, your business name, address, and contact information will automatically be listed in the Monsterpin businesses directory. You may also add a description, your business hours, and even pictures of your shop and/or staff. view sample

[b] Coupons

A coupon lets you offer a specific product or service at a discount to Monsterpin users. Using your Campus Campaign Manager you can post unlimited "coupon offers" to the student community Hot Deals listing. Students review your offers online and print out the coupons they wish to redeem. view sample

[c] Gnereal Discount (%OFF)

You can post a %OFF in the Monsterpin Hot Deals section, if you wish to offer a general "percentage off" on all your products or services. view sample

[d] Banner Ads

Banner Ads are shown to the student as they browse their online community and let you deliver your promotional message directly to your target market. Rather than waiting for a student to go into the "Hot Deals" listing to find out about your offers, a banner ad appears within the upper half of each page in the student's Monsterpin online community. Monsterpin Banner Ads are text-based, and take only 30sec to create, using the Campus Campaign Manager. view sample

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