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The Monsterpin Media is 100% digital and highly automated. This allows us to take your marketing dollar a lot further than traditional advertisers.

Rather than asking for big bucks to pay for a campaign that may or may not generate new business, we believe that you should only pay us if we increase your sales. Our pricing structure is multi-tiered and success-oriented:

[a] Monthly Subscription

Invest $20 per month to:

  • List your business in the Hot Deals Section
  • List unlimited Coupon Offers in the Hot Deals Section
  • List up to three "%OFF" Listings in the Hot Deals Section

The first 2 months are free, so you can try our service without risk.

[b] Sales Commission

A student that wishes to redeem a coupon offer will printout the coupon and present it at the time of pruchase. You collect these coupons and once a month we ask you to inform us about the sales you made from Monsterpin coupons. We charge a 10% sales commission on the total dollar value of sales generated by Monsterpin coupons.

[c] Banner Ads

Rather than guessing how much value you see in delivering your message to the screens of local students, we let market demand define it. The current rate to purchase 5% of all banner ad impressions (for example, to show your ad approximately 37 times per day in Monsterpin Metropolis) is $0.00 per day.


Is this the traditional approach to marketing? NO.

Will this make you pay only if we get you more exposure and business? YES.

You choose: I'll give it a shot | I am not quite convinced yet


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