Business 2 Students


Your Benefits

Reach local student market
  • Reach over 30,000 post-secondary students in the Victoria region
  • Win new customers, future decision makers, innovators and, trendsetters
Promote your business
  • Establish brand awareness through repeated exposure of your business name and the products/services you sell
  • Promote an event, concert, play, meeting, etc.
  • Draw attention to special sales or campaigns
Price Differentiate
  • Sell off excess inventory and idle capacity to new customers
  • Discount high margin goods without lowering your retail price
  • Support local students
Control and Monitor your Campaigns
  • Create and manage your marketing campaigns with an easy-to-use, web-based interface
  • Monitor your exposure, your budget, and the success of your campaigns
Maximize the Value of your Marketing Dollar
  • Minimal monthly listing fee
  • Pay only when you sell
  • Pay only for what you get

Learn How it works


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